Phosphoros 2011 conference

Persistent luminescent materials can emit light for hours after the excitation has stopped. This fascinating class of luminescent materials has a wide range of applications including safety illumination, emergency signage, medical imaging, sensing and dosimeters.

Since the international research community on persistent phosphors did not have a specific forum for in-depth discussions, we decided to organize the first “International workshop on Persistent Phosphors”, focused on all aspects of persistent phosphors. This offered an ideal opportunity to share experimental results with colleagues in the field and to instigate new collaborations.

The workshop took place on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 September 2011 in Het Pand, a former Dominican monastery in the historical heart of Ghent (Belgium).

Thank you all for your valuable contributions!
Feel free to have a look at the abstract book (pdf, 4.7 MB).
Several selected contributions were published in a special focus issue of Optical Materials Express.

A follow-up conference, the 2nd International Workshop on Persistent and Photostimulable Phosphors (IWPPP) will be held at Guangzhou, China from November 17 to 21, 2013.

Dirk Poelman and Philippe Smet,
Conference chairs.

Phosphoros 2011 group picture