Inorganic Chemistry (2018)

Exploring Lanthanide Doping in UiO-66: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study of the Electronic Structure
Kevin Hendrickx, Jonas J. Joos, Arthur De Vos, Dirk Poelman, Philippe F. Smet, Veronique Van Speybroeck, Pascal Van Der Voort, and Kurt Lejaeghere
Inorganic Chemistry 57 (2018) 5463–5474

Lanthanide-based metal–organic frameworks show very limited stabilities, which impedes their use in applications exploiting their extraordinary electronic properties, such as luminescence and photocatalysis. This study demonstrates a fast and easy microwave procedure to dope UiO-66, an exceptionally stable and tunable Zr-based metal–organic framework. The generally applicable synthesis methodology is used to incorporate different transition metal and lanthanide ions. Selected experiments on these newly synthesized materials allow us to construct an energy scheme of lanthanide energy levels with respect to the UiO-66 host. The model is confirmed via absolute intensity measurements and provides an intuitive way to understand charge transfer mechanisms in these doped UiO-66 materials. Density functional theory calculations on a subset of materials moreover improve our understanding of the electronic changes in doped UiO-66 and corroborate our empirical model.


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