Journal of Applied Physics (2005)

Crystallographic and luminescent properties of orthorhombic BaAl2S4:Eu powder and thin films
Philippe F. Smet, Jo E. Van Haecke, Roland Vanmeirhaeghe, Dirk Poelman
Journal of Applied Physics 98 (2005) 43512

BaAl2S4:Eu thin films were prepared from a multilayered BaS:Eu/Al2S3 thin-film structure, deposited with electron-beam evaporation. Depending on the deposition and postdeposition annealing temperature, europium-doped BaAl2S4 thin films can show both an orthorhombic and the more common cubic crystal structure. The lattice constants of the orthorhombic BaAl2S4 are determined from powder-diffraction data. The photoluminescent properties of europium-doped orthorhombic and cubic BaAl2S4 powders are compared. The occurrence of both phases in thin films is discussed in terms of substrate and postdeposition annealing temperature. A temperature of 600?


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