Journal of Materials Science - Materials in Electronics (2009)

Advances in sulfide phosphors for displays and lighting
Dirk Poelman, Jo E. Van Haecke, Philippe F. Smet
Journal of Materials Science - Materials in Electronics 20 (2009) 134-138

For traditional applications such as cathode ray tubes and fluorescent lamps, many inorganic phosphors have been optimised during decades. For new applications in display and lighting technology, novel materials are being developed. After giving a short history of sulfide phosphors, the present paper will focus on Ca1-x Sr x S:Eu single crystal particle phosphors. The material is grown by solvothermal synthesis, process not needing toxic gases or high temperature processing steps. This phosphor combines a broad excitation spectrum and a broad-saturated red-emission spectrum, which makes it an ideal material for wavelength conversion in LEDs for general lighting.


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