Journal of Microscopy (2008)

Spatially resolved cathodoluminescence of luminescent materials using an EDX detector
Philippe F. Smet, Jo E. Van Haecke, Dirk Poelman
Journal of Microscopy 231 (2008) 1/aug

Panchromatic cathodoluminescence (CL) maps were collected in a scanning electron microscope equipped with an EDX (energy dispersive x-ray analysis) detector. These CL maps can readily be correlated with elemental maps obtained by EDX. Although EDX detectors are designed to be insensitive to light and therefore not optimized for high sensitivity CL measurements, high-resolution images can be obtained from luminescent materials without the need for additional hard- or software. The method was tested on highly luminescent BaAl2S4 : Eu2+ thin films that have a potential use in flat panel displays. The spectral response and linearity of the overall system was determined by means of monochromatic light sources, illuminating the sample through an optical fibre. We studied the response of the EDX detector to the intensity of the incoming light as well as the influence of the detector settings. The observations were explained by numerical simulations.


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