Materials (2013)

Broadband Luminescence in Rare Earth Doped Sr2SiS4: Relating Energy Levels of Ce3+ and Eu2+
Anthony B. Parmentier, Philippe F. Smet and Dirk Poelman
Materials 6 (2013) 3663-3675

Sr2SiS4:Ce3+ is an efficient blue-emitting (460 nm) phosphor, excitable with light of wavelengths up to 420 nm. From the excitation spectrum, we construct the energy level scheme and use it to check the predictive power of the Dorenbos model, relating the positions of the Ce3+ energy levels with those of Eu2+ in the same host. For strontium thiosilicate, this method gives excellent results and allows us to determine which of two available crystallographic sites is occupied by cerium. We use the Dorenbos method for extracting information on the coordination of Ce3+ from the observed crystal field splitting.

Keywords: cerium; luminescence; thiosilicate; phosphor; Dorenbos; sulfide; europium; XRD

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