Materials (2017)

LaAlO3:Mn4+ as Near-Infrared Emitting Persistent Luminescence Phosphor for Medical Imaging: A Charge Compensation Study
Jiaren Du, Olivier Q. De Clercq, Katleen Korthout and Dirk Poelman
Materials 10 (2017) 1422

Mn4+-activated phosphors are emerging as a novel class of deep red/near-infrared emitting persistent luminescence materials for medical imaging as a promising alternative to Cr3+-doped nanomaterials. Currently, it remains a challenge to improve the afterglow and photoluminescence properties of these phosphors through a traditional high-temperature solid-state reaction method in air. Herein we propose a charge compensation strategy for enhancing the photoluminescence and afterglow performance of Mn4+-activated LaAlO3 phosphors. LaAlO3:Mn4+ (LAO:Mn4+) was synthesized by high-temperature solid-state reaction in air. The charge compensation strategies for LaAlO3:Mn4+ phosphors were systematically discussed. Interestingly, Cl−/Na+/Ca2+/Sr2+/Ba2+/Ge4+ co-dopants were all found to be beneficial for enhancing LaAlO3:Mn4+ luminescence and afterglow intensity. This strategy shows great promise and opens up new avenues for the exploration of more promising near-infrared emitting long persistent phosphors for medical imaging.

Keywords: LaAlO3:Mn4+; Mn4+-activated phosphors; charge compensation; persistent luminescence; solid-state reaction

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