Optical Materials (2010)

Europium doped thiosilicate phosphors of the alkaline earth metals Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba : structure and luminescence
Anthony B. Parmentier, Philippe F. Smet, Dirk Poelman
Optical Materials 33 (2010) 141-144

Divalent europium is notorious for the tunability of its emission, depending on the host material in which it is used as a dopant. In europium-doped alkaline earth thiosilicates, two distinct emission bands can be observed for the alkaline earth metals Mg, Ca and Sr while only a single band is found for barium thiosilicate. In this work, we first complete the data with europium-doped magnesiumthiosilicate. Then, the solid solution of calcium and magnesium thiosilicate is presented. To conclude, the presence of multiple emission peaks in some compounds is explained on a structural basis, by analysing the possibilities for preferential orientation of the europium d-orbitals.


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