Solid State Communications (2006)

Growth of AlN nanostructures by a rapid thermal process
Philippe F. Smet, Jo E. Van Haecke, Dirk Poelman
Solid State Communications 139 (2006) 522-526

Aluminum nitride nanorods were grown during rapid thermal annealing of multi-layered Al2S3 /BaS thin films. Depending on the thickness ratio between the BaS and Al2S3 layers, nanowires or straight nanorods were obtained. Typical dimensions for the nanorods were a diameter in the range of 50 100 nm and a length of 2 5 ?m. The nanostructures are formed upon annealing at a relatively low temperature of 900 oC when aluminum evaporates from the thin film, but remains trapped between the thin film surface and the Si wafer, which is used as a support during the annealing. The nitrogen is provided by N2 gas flushed through the annealing chamber. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy showed crystalline, wurtzite-structured AlN nanorods. The growth mechanism in terms of thin film composition, annealing parameters and the role of catalysts is discussed.


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