Spectroscopic ellipsometer

UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopic ellipsometer (Woollam)

Type: Woollam
UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer

Double beam – double monochromator UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer for the optical characterisation of thin films. Measurement range from 200 to 3300nm. An extension is available to measure the (diffuse) reflectance of powders and thin films (200 - 2000nm), using an integrating sphere.

Type: Varian Cary 500
Portable spectrometers

Two portable, USB powered, CCD-based spectrometers. One is optimized for measurements in the 200-950nm range with high sensitivity (QE65000), one is optimized for high resolution in the visible range (HR2000+).

Type: Ocean Optics QE65000 and HR2000+
Thin film deposition

Thin films are deposited in a Leybold Univex 450 vacuum system, equipped with a quad-source electron gun, thermal evaporation source and an RF magnetron. Equipped for deposition of sulfide thin films in a H2S atmosphere.

Type: Leybold Univex 450
Photocatalytic batch reactor

Photocatalytic batch reactor with mass spectrometer for measuring photocatalytic activity of thin films in air

Type: home-made
Scanning electron microscope

Field emission scanning electron microscope (FEI Quanta 200). Several extension are available for chemical and structural analysis: EDX (energy dispersive x-ray analysis), EBSD (electron backscatter diffraction) and CL (cathodoluminescence).

Type: FEI Quanta-FEG 200 SEM
Fluorescence spectrometer

Photoluminescence setup, enabling high resolution excitation and emission measurements. The combination of a Xe arc lamp and a double excitation monochromator allows selecting an excitation in the range from 250 to 900nm, with narrow band width and low stray light. At the emission side, two detectors are available for measurements between 300 and 1650nm. The setup can be extended with a cryostat, for measurements between 4 and 500K.

Type: Edinburgh Instruments FS920
Intensified CCD

This instrument is used for measuring integrated and time-resolved optical emission spectra (both electro- and photoluminescence). On periodic signals, a time resolution down to 2 ns can be obtained. It is coupled to a 0.5 m Ebert monochomator. For photoluminescence decay measurements, a 337 nm pulsed nitrogen laser is available (pulse length < 1ns). Using the dye extension, the excitation can be tuned between 360 and 600nm.

Type: Andor DH720